Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Couple of Cool Movie Blogs

I've been reading and listening to these two bloggers and public radio movie critics for awhile now. Just thought you all might find their blogs interesting.
  • Scott Marks' Emulsion Compulsion Blog - Scott to me is a contrarian movie critic, his opinions are very strong and he does not mind truly criticising movies, actors and directors that he does not like. I seldom truly agree with him, but I enjoy his frankness and willingness to go out on a limb. He strikes me as more of a technician, in that he likes to talk about the technical aspects of movie making, and even when movies are well made he will ding them for perceived technical failures. Having said that, about sixty percent of the time if he says don't see something then it means I will like it.

  • Beth Accomando's Cinema Junkie Blog - Beth is a more level headed movie critic who sees the effort and does not put forth her opinions as forcibly as some other critics. I like that in a critic, she leaves room for the opinions of others and does not speak in definitive terms as if saying her opinion is the only one that counts. This maybe a case of her opinion and mine meshing often, I don't always agree with her picks either, but more times then not I do.
They each have their own blogs as linked above and they also do a monthly segment on KPBS the local public radio station, called Film Club of the Air. They discuss some of the new films opening in theaters. Film Club of the Air is broadcast as a regular segment with host Tom Fudge.


Creedmoor said...

Thanks for the kind plug, Fitz! Only 60% of the stuff I like is worth avoiding? That's a better average than most. If that truly is the case, you had better run to see "The House Bunny."


Fitzgerald said...

Scott, I am honored that you stopped by. I think all who love movies need a critic that we don't agree with. And while I don't always agree with you, I always respect your knowledge and passion for film. Please keep up the good work.