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Star Wars:The Clone Wars A Review

The Clone Wars

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Speaking of Star Wars, I recently saw the new animated Lucas film Star Wars: The Clone Wars. While I generally like all the Star Wars movies, this one left me with the feeling that nothing had been resolved.

There were also questions in my mind about what would happen to some of the new characters that were introduced. Since we don't see them in any of the other movies, I guess we will have to watch the upcoming television series to find out.

The Clone Wars is obviously intended to act as an introduction to the television series of the same name, which is set to debut in October, 2008. It is set in roughly the same time period as the earlier 2003 series, which I found a little confusing. But I guess if all that was required was to add another plank to the Star Wars universe then "mission accomplished."

I also did not like the animation style, I'm sure that some will find it interesting, I find the unrealistic style of the characters distracting. I kept telling myself, no one is really that skinny. And yes I know that it is animation, but I only seem to like styles that are realistic, or more towards the cartoon side of things. Pixar seems to me to pull this off better than anyone.

In a kind of related bit of news that is going around, filmschool is reporting that there may be another Star Wars Movie in the works.

All in all I will say that Star Wars: The Clone Wars was only slightly entertaining, it came off like an extended Saturday morning cartoon. It does little to propel along the Star Wars story and if you have not seen it I recommend that you wait until it comes out of DVD or see it on television. If on the other hand you are a die heart fan or have young children who like Star Wars, then it may be worth it to you to see it at your local movie theater.

The film will be released DVD on November 11, 2008 in the United States. The film will be released as a single-disc DVD, two-disc Special Edition DVD, and a Blu-ray DVD. The film's UK 2-disc DVD and Blu-ray will be released on December 8, 2008.

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