Monday, December 15, 2008

Movie Posters for Chirtmas! Why not?

Why not give movie posters and other entertainment gifts for Christmas? They are easy, there is something for everyone, from your grandmother and her favorite movie from the 30's or 40's to your toddler and her favorite anamated movie.

Bruce R. Miller of the Sioux City Journal makes a great point about entertainment gifts in his article Try entertainment gifts for Christmas

He suggest that if you have not done all of your Christmas shopping yet, then don't sweat it. He goes on the make the point that you can give entertainment gifts very easly because there is something in the entertainment area for almost everyone on your list.

Movie posters - Movie posters are a great low cost gift for people who are fans of movies, and who is not? Movie posters can also work for those who appriciate art, most movie posters are works of art as well.

Movie Posters

Movie Memoribilia - Movie memoribilia is another out of the box kind of gift that will delight a movie fan. Who expects to get a piece of memoribilia from their favorite movie. It will surly please the gift receiver and make the gift giver feel good about giving a great gift.

Movie Memorabilia

Other Gift ideas

Books About Movies


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